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We collect new data every day, store it in different systems.

And there it sits.


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Collect Utility Data automatically.

With the Add on Utility Data you will enable an automatic collection of your various energy data. This will make sure that your data is verified, correct and always in place when you need it. And the best of all, you get to collect all your energy data in one magnificent place – Egain Edge.

• Collect all your energy data in one place

• Visualize trends and identify possible deviations

• Analyze electricity use for a building or your whole portfolio

• Download reports and share insights within your organization.

A powerfull tool.

Egain Edge gives you full control of the property's indoor climate through feedback and visualization of measurement data from sensors placed in the property. In addition to reduced energy use, this leads to more efficient energy management and better control over the property, which means that you can proactively detect and rectify any faults before they occur.

Egain Edge gives full control of energy use and indoor climate remotely, which leads to more efficient and easier energy management.

With Egain Edge, you get the market's most complete cloud service that provides an intuitive, three-dimensional overview of the property in real-time, where you can see patterns, trends and discover deviations in the property. It will also be easy to manage, analyze and compile central reports.

Available on all types of devices

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