How to Integrate TaxiCaller with GloriaFood Restaurant Accounts

Follow these instructions and you'll be receiving delivery orders in no-time.

1. The Restaurant creates a GloriaFood Account

First things first, the restaurant needs to create an account with GloriaFood on their website. To get started, enter the restaurant name and click GET ACCESS NOW
Then enter the requested information and click CONTINUE to create the account.
If the restaurant already has an account, skip this step and move on to the next one.


2. Order up an Integration with TaxiCaller

To integrate your TaxiCaller account with the restaurant account, you must add funds for the integration to your TaxiCaller account and send an email to the TaxiCaller support team. The text of the email should include:
  1. The registered email address used to log into your TaxiCaller account
  2. The name of the restaurant (as entered when creating the GloriaFood account)
By placing the order, you approve TaxiCaller to deduct the integration fee from your account. The TaxiCaller support team will then link the two accounts and create a Master Key and an Environment Key for the restaurant to enter in their GloriaFood account (simple step-by-step instructions will be sent together with the keys).
The process of creating the keys can take up to seven working days. In the meantime, the restaurant can add their menu to their GloriaFood account.



3. The Restaurant creates a Menu

The restaurant now needs to set up its menu in their GloriaFood account using the easy step-by-step instructions.
Have the restaurant click MENU SETUP from the menu option and follow the steps.

4. Place a Test Order

When the restaurant has the Master and Environmental keys in place, and your accounts are fully integrated, there is only one thing left - place a test order.

  1. Download the app
  2. In the Menu Setup, select PREVIEW & TEST ORDERING.
  3. Create a test order with delivery.
  4. Accept the order in the restaurant app.
  5. The delivery job will now be visible in the TaxiCaller Dispatch System as well as in the Driver App. Note that for a delivery order to appear, there must be available vehicles.
Well done! Now you're ready to start receiving delivery orders from this restaurant's customers.




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