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The meeting will be a condensed version of our usual UGMs. Even if we cannot do it in person, it will still be filled with informative speakers and exciting information on upcoming releases.

Because the meeting will be online, we are opening our doors to all our friends worldwide. The main focus for this event will be the European and American markets, but please feel free to sign up even if the time doesn't work for you. We will give access to the UGM to everyone who registers. The UGM will be recorded so everyone will have a chance to view anything they may have missed even after the event.

The time of the event will be between 3 pm. and 5 pm. — CET or 9 am.-11 am. — EST.

More information will be sent out soon with details on the event.


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We are looking forward to you joining us
in this first ever completely online UGM.

The conference will be made available online for everyone to see if you cannot attend it live. 


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