Welcome to your visa fast track!

BCD Travel has chosen Comet Consular Services as their preferred visa partner.

Stringent immigration rules and trade barriers conspire to make international business travel an exercise in frustration, especially when time is at a premium.

While the world is becoming ever more user-friendly in many respects, arranging for an entry visa with all necessary paperwork, stamps and signatures remains a time-consuming and complicated business full of pitfalls and delay.

By teaming up with Comet Consular Services, you can concentrate on your core business, while we concentrate on ours.

Convenience by Comet.

30+ years of experience

Before Comet there was nothing. Back in the so-called good old days, business travellers stood in line at embassies on their own two feet and managed their own visa applications. Some sent cab drivers, secretaries or commercial couriers, with varying degrees of success.

Global network

Comet teams up with a large number of global professionals, just like ourselves, within the consular service industry, covering every corner of the world, and both in- and outbound cases.

Do you want access to our online portal?

In the portal, which we call InfoBook, developed together with our clients, you can search for visa requirements, application forms, place your order with Comet and stay updated during the whole process via our track & trace tool.

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We will provide you access, once verified by BCD Travel that you are a client of theirs.