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First Molecular Pixelation Kit for 3D Spatial Analysis of Cell Surface Proteins

The Pixelgen Single Cell Spatial Proteomics Kit, Immunology Panel I, Human (Pixelgen SCSP Kit) is the first product to convey spatial polarization and colocalization of proteins on the cell surface at high-multiplex, in 3D, offering new insights into biology in health and disease.



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Our pre-print publication - 

"Molecular Pixelation: Single cell spatial proteomics by sequencing" 


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The Dynamic Cell - Spatial Surface Proteome Unlocked


The Pixelgen SCSP Kit will initially feature a panel of 76 protein assays and 4 controls for parallel testing of PBMCs. 

80-plex cell surface protein assays

Feature a panel of 76 protein assays and 4 controls in multiplex.

Partitioning-free sample preparation

Single tube, partitioning-free sample preparation, providing spatially resolved abundance data similar to Confocal and Flow Cytometry.


Subcellular resolution without using a microscope

Leverage your NGS workflow platform. 

Up to a 1000 cells per reaction

Gain deep phenotyping information of your immune cells of interest.


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