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Back to the office post COVID-19  

Roadmap for Facility Managers 


Ready for the big return?

As the pandemic eases, many companies are starting to return to the office and making plans and protocols for how office life will resume post COVID-19.

For many of us the office as we know it is long gone. A year of working remotely has changed the way we work and how we collaborate. As a result, the traditional office no longer supports the needs of the post-pandemic workforce. In order to ensure not only a safe return of your workforce, but also to make sure your office complies with rising needs of your workforce, you need to rethink how your office is designed and what is needed for a post-pandemic workplace. It all starts with a plan for the big return!

In this free ebook we provide a full guide for safely bringing back your workforce to the office.   




6 steps to plan for the return to the office:


  • Adjust your meeting room capacity
  • Inform your visitors about new office guidelines 
  • Guide employees and visitors to booked meeting rooms with digital signage
  • Enable social distancing with desk booking software
  • Organize your cleaning procedures
  • Plan and coordinate your lunch in advance 


A full guide for planning a safe return for your workforce


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