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Discover our products from the Outdoor sector and the world of Wireless. With focus on the SIDEREA system with DALI groupCONTROL, nodes and sensors and Casambi compatible basicDIM Wireless modules, sensors and drivers from Tridonic together with the control system sceneCOM evo. We will also show our LED line portfolio from Welight with LEDtape and profiles for customer specific solutions. As well as wiring devices Living Now from Bticino.


Jyväskylä Sähkö Valo Tele Av fair is the largest electricity trade fair in the Nordic countries.

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Tridonics range for citizen-centric outdoor lighting. groupCONTROL uses smart technology to optimise management for lighting applications. Conserve energy and save cost while maintaining traffic safety and citizen security.

- Zhaga-D4i certified according to the latest industry standards
- Use together with Tridonic D4i sensors and control devices

basicDIM Wireless - 
Casambi technology

Tridonics Casambi Ready basicDIM Wireless control technology allows versatile and professional interaction with all luminaires within an area. basicDIM Wireless modules can be used together with wired DALI solution making DALI installations expandable with a high degree of flexibility as there is no need for additional cabling or construction work.

- Used as a translator between DALI and Bluetooth
- Can easily be integrated with push buttons, as for example Living Now from Bticino

Control system - 
sceneCOM evo

sceneCOM control units are compatible with DALI-2. They are also open for use with wireless luminaires via a basicDIM Wireless module and can be used to support larger Emergency lighting systems. sceneCOM evo is a multi-channel lighting controller with functions that can be expanded via software license extensions for a flexible planning and implementation of lighting solutions

- Independent lighting control for up to 192 DALI devices on 3 DALI lines
- BACnet interface (depending on the license model)

Welight LED line - 
profiles and LEDtape

With the LED line portfolio you can customize aluminum profiles in different lenghts, with many different lenses, covers and other accessories for mounting of the LED profiles. All LEDtape from Welight; White, Tunable White, DIM2WARM and RGB, IP and non IP can be used.
- Connectors for fast and safe installations of tape to tape or cable to tape. For protection class IP00 or IP68 and differnt versions of LEDtape

Pressreleases DALI groupCONTROLLER and basicDIM Wireless - Click on picture to download

Wiring Devices Living Now from Bticino

The Wiring devices Living Now from Bticino have a minimalist design and an unique and distinctive shape; they are a perfect harmony of design and technology. Living Now allows full design freedom. It can be used in traditional systems, or installed to show all its innovative potential with connected smart systems.
- Perfect for solutions with Tridonic DALI XC G3, control module with 4 inputs for potential-free connections
- Fits with basicDIM Wireless G2, input module with 1-4 inputs for potential-free connections
- Suitable for systems that work with 230V pulses, for example switchDIM
Living now on WLK web

LED drivers -
from Tridonic and Welight

With these two suppliers together we have a  great selection of LED drivers for all kinds of applications both indoors and outdoors.
- For DALI as wired or wireless 
- For KNX and DMX
- Constant current and Constant voltage
- Dimmable and non-dimmable
- Inbuilt versions, strain-relief versions or stretch compact with an optional strain-relief
- Linear or compact versions
Our complete portfolio of LED drivers


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