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& prevent disease
28 November 2023 at 15.30

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Urgent Innovations Now
What can we do to improve humanity's resilience to an escalating climate crisis? How can we better prepare and support families and communities to cope with climate-related disasters?
On Tuesday, November 28th at 17.00 Petra Wadström, founder of Solvatten and winner of the KTH Great Prize 2022 will give a presentation about her journey of developing the innovation Solvatten and how it is now being used by 630.000 people in Subsaharan Africa.
After that, a panel conversation with Petra Wadström, Nina Wormbs, Professor in history of technology,  Anders Nordström, former Ambassador for Global Health and advisor to WHO + guest will have a conversation about the importance of innovations that have the power to build resilience for both people and the planet. The panel will be moderated by the science journalist and writer Eva Krutmeijer.
The climate crisis hits the most vulnerable populations in multiple ways. How can we better prepare and why is a just transition so important when it comes to global climate action? These are some of the questions that will be adressed to the panelists.

The KTH Great Prize 2022

The prize is an annual award given to "A person who, through epoch-making discoveries and the creation of new values and by ingenious applications of findings gained on the practical aspects of life, promotes Sweden's continued material progress, or a person who by means of scientific research has discovered particularly valuable principles or methods which are useful for applications, which promote the above purpose, or a person who through artistic activities "exerts a powerful influence particularly on the spiritual life of her own people.""
Jury motivation for awarding Petra Wadström the 2022 prize:
“Clean water is crucial to people’s health, opportunities and quality of life. It is also a key issue for future generations and the possibilities for sustainable development. Petra Wadström is a unique, single-minded problem-solver who with her innovation, Solvatten, has changed the lives of many people – and particularly women – around the world. Petra Wadström has created a simple yet clever, ingenious and sustainable construction, enabling water to be purified by the sun alone. This invention will allow more people access to vitally important clean water every day."


Royal Institute of Technology

15.30 Exhibition opens in the KTH library - Osquars backe 31
17.00 Presentation by Petra Wadstöm in the Centre for Innovation, Ground Floor - Teknikringen 1
17.45 Panel discussion with guests in the Centre for Innovation, Ground Floor - Teknikringen 1
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2,4 billion people depend on biomass to meet their basic energy needs

According to WHO, each year billions of trees are used for boiling water, in order to make it safe for consumption


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