The BLIXT Program
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A 2-4 hour session and 1-week program to swiftly understand your system and deliver an execution strategy package. Our BLIXT experts will question, listen, synthesise, and report to give you actionable fresh perspective on your business problem or opportunity. This is an early bird complimentary program.


  • Tarento BLIXT team would meet your team for BLIXT Session
  • Objective is to get an understanding of business problem/opportunity
  • Participants from Tarento and client side should participate
  • Internal workshop to come up with Execution Strategy Package (ESP)

In a nutshell, it is a concrete deliverable of a BLIXT program!


After BLIXT session, our team does the high-level analysis of the information gathered & comes-up with an Execution Strategy Package (ESP) & this output can be used to obtain an actionable fresh perspective on your business problem or opportunity. Deliverables of BLIXT bring in technology, business & UX aspects together & would contain below artefacts

Facilitator Driven

A BLIXT team along with facilitator would be on the floor to take you through this journey 
On the floor or Remote
Session could be at Tarento's premise or your premise or even on a digital meeting place!
Truly BLIXT 

Will be executed swiftly in an intensive setup to gather as much information as we can!
Åska Follow-up
During the end of the program week there would be a follow-up call to deliver the ESP.

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